Red Velvet Cake (fact or fiction)

by Patrick Kenna
(San Diego CA USA)

I have ordered a 4 tier wedding cake from a fairly reputable local bakery. It is 4 tier with white fondant icing, the cake is a red velvet cake and the design has black on the white fondant. At the time of ordering the bakery said it was no problem. Now it is 3 weeks from the wedding and the bakery has called me to come rediscuss the cake as they said they are having problems with the red velvet bleeding through the fondant and they may have to order a specialized coloring which may not be ordered in enough time.

I am suspecting either they don't want to do it or something else is up. I would like to be able to go into their meeting knowing the facts and realities of this situation. I don't want the wool being pulled over my eyes. Can you help enlighten me.

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Apr 14, 2010
It could be true...
by: Anonymous

If it's a good bakery I don't see them having a problem. I have done a few wedding cake and had this problem though. Once with Red velvet and once with chocolate.

The above ladies posted they didn't have bleeding with buttercream, and that's because you crumb coat it then apply a thicker layer of buttercream;

When you're working with fondant, you only apply a very very thin layer of buttercream and then the fondant. SO if its white fondant it could bleed through.

My concern would be why are they making it 3 weeks ahead of time>

Feb 26, 2010
by: Kelly

Since Nancy is closer to you than the rest of us, maybe you should hit her up to do it!

She is wonderful and would do a fantastic job!

[I love you Nancy!]

Feb 26, 2010
No way
by: nancy of CA

I can't see the problem they are having. I am not a pro, but, did a 5oth wedding cake for a couple of friends of mine and it was red velvet and no bleeding thru it. you can see it here.
I think they are trying to get out of doing it.
I think I would go to another bakery. Good luck, Nancy of Rialto, ca

Feb 26, 2010
Red Velvet Cake
by: Ann Neal

Good Morning,

Red Velvet is one of my popular flavors I sell. I did a three tier Vday wedding cake, which was red velvet and covered in butter cream frosting. The bakery should not have a problem creating the cake you requested. I can only suggest, they don't know what they are doing.

At your meeting, please let me them know to apply some simple syrup on your layers as well as crumb coat with buttercream.


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