To Find the Gold You Must First Find the Rainbow Cake

by Amanda Siciliano
(Benson, Az USA)

If it's me gold yer after....

If it's me gold yer after....

I made this cake for my mother's St. Patrick's Day work pot luck.

To start with I made 7 8" round cakes in the different colors of the rainbow using approx. 1 1/2 C of cake batter for each cake. I used a simple yellow cake recipe, measured out the batter in individual bowls and used food coloring to achieve the desired color.

The basic colors are quite simply straight food coloring but for indigo I used 8 drops blue, 2 drops red and 1 drop black. Violet was achieved by mixing red and blue until I had the desired hue.

The bottom of the cake(the brim of the hat) is a 9" round of yellow cake. Approx 3 cups of batter.
After the cakes had cooled and settled I used a small drinking glass to cut out the center of each of the 8" cakes EXCEPT for the red (top) layer.

I stacked the 8"cakes in order of the colors of the rainbow (ROY G BIV)violet on the bottom on an 8" cardboard cake round with a thin layer of butter cream icing in between each layer. Before placing the top layer(red) on to the stack, I filled the hollow with hershey's pot o' gold wrapped chocolates up to the top of the opening.

I then placed the top layer on and inserted 6 wooden dowels cut to the length of the cake. I applied a thin layer of butter cream to the entire cake. This went into the fridge while I decorated the bottom of the hat.

For the bottom I iced the entire round in butter cream and then I used grass green fondant(basic MMF recipe) to cover the entire layer.

I then cut our small circles of leaf green fondant and pinched each into a heart shape to form the leaves of the shamrocks which I applied to the cake using a dab of water on the underside
of each piece.

I cut a strip of fondant to form the stems. I used a drinking straw to punch out dots from orange fondant rolled approx. 1/4 in thick and used the same method to apply them.

I placed 5 wooden dowels cut the size of the cakes depth to support the upper portion of the hat. One in the center and the other 4 in a square approximately 2 inches from the edge of the cake.

For the top of the hat I rolled out a sheet of grass green fondant long enough to wrap around the cake and wide enough to leave several inches at the top to gather at the mouth of the "bag". I covered the fondant with plastic wrap to keep from drying out while I applied a coat of butter cream to the whole cake and then wrapped the fondant around the cake smoothing the top about 2 inches in from the edge and then leaving the excess folds loose.

The rope is yellow and orange fondant rolled into a rope and twisted together. I draped it around the gathers of the green fondant and secured it to the sides with a dab of water.

The fringe is orange fondant that I pressed in a garlic press and "glued" on with a small bit of butter cream. I used Wilton's gel coloring to color a small portion of fondant black to make the ribbon keeping aside a 2 in portion to cover the center of the buckle which is yellow rolled fondant cut into the buckle shape with a paring knife.

I carefully placed this portion onto the brim of the hat and topped it with more gold wrapped chocolate bars.I used more orange fondant pressed in the garlic press to trim the brim layer to represent the leprachaun's hair.

I can't wait until they cut it open and find the surprise "gold" hidden inside!

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Updated St. Patrick's Day Cake

by Amanda Siciliano
(Benson, Arizona)

Hidden Treasure

Hidden Treasure

Here is the inside of the cake I submitted previously under the name "To find the gold you must first find the Rainbow." It ended up working exactly as I had hoped...I was afraid it wouldn't so I am quite pleased.:) It was a huge hit and apparently was the belle of the ball:)

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