Stacking a Single Tier Very High

by Mel
(Sidney Ohio)

I am making a cake that is quite tall but in a single size, basically the shape is a tall box, how can I stack/support the layers so that the cake will not fall?

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May 01, 2012
from where to get dewels
by: Eman Banat

You can get dowels form any craft shop or cake utensils shop, if you couldn’t get them , take barbeque skewers and fix 3 together and use them instead, you have to add 4-5 dewels to support, the dowels size 3-4 mm , you should apply them near to the center of the cake that when you put your second layer they will be under it near to the edge of second layer, you just insert them before icing your cake, make a mark at the dowel showing your cake depth, cut it 2 mm smaller so your dowel will hide inside your cake barely showing, then you frost your cake, add the second frosted layer over the dowels, now your dowels are holding the second layer so it won’t sink from the weight.
hope this will help you

Apr 19, 2012
stacking high cake
by: Eman Banat

For stacking your cake high , you have to add frosting between layers, strengthened with dowels, then add thin cake board to separate the first part from the second part. (each layer should be aprox, 9cm, + frosting,then add dowels) cake board under the second part (the cake board should be smaller 3 mm than your cake to hide with frosting)
Separating your cake layers with cake board will make it more convenient when you cut the cake later, you can just remove the first part cut & distribute without mess.

Apr 19, 2012
follow up question
by: mel

I have never dowelled a cake before so forgive me if this seems silly but are these just normal dowels from hardware or craft stores or are there special cake dowels? Also is there anything I have to do to the dowels before putting them in the cake?

Apr 19, 2012
by: Rita M. Tomas

You definitely need to use wooden dowels.

Or PVC dowels to give it support.

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