Stencilling a Pattern

by Michelle
(BC, Canada)

I am making a birthday cake for my daughter. Instead of getting all complicated and making a 3D castle I was thinking of stenciling one on the top. My idea was to cut the stencil out the way you would for walls etc, and spray (mist) on food coloring. But then it occurred to me that if I mix the coloring with water, the water would break down the icing. I know that I could just trace the outline out with piping or something like that, but was hoping to avoid that.

Does anyone have any ideas how I could do this without messing up the icing?

Thanks in advance!!

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Nov 04, 2009
stenciling cake
by: Nancy of CA

Hi I know what you mean. I did a mailman cake with a mailtruck picture and one of my son and bought a pack of laminated paper at the computer store. put that on the front and back of your castle and it will be great. Mildred has the right idea. If you go to easy cakes and on the left side click on adult cakes and then type in mailman cake and it will bring you to my cake and what it will look like..Hope this helps. Nancy of CA

Nov 04, 2009
Frozen Buttercream Transfer
by: Natasha

How about a frozen buttercream transfer? Here are instructions

Nov 04, 2009
by: Mildred

What I do in some cases, I laminate the picture and place it on the cake. I saw it done at a local cake shop, and I figure if they can do it, why I cannot. I have a laminating machine. I do something else that they did not, I cut out a piece of fondant of the same size of the laminated picture and attached to the picture. I sometimes pipe the outline and sometimes I do not; depending of what it is.

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