Tinkerbell Birthday

by Jenna Crawford
(Fulton, NY)

Tinkerbell Birthday Cake

Tinkerbell Birthday Cake

This Tinkerbell cake was for a little girls 5th Birthday. It is all strawberry cake with vanilla buttercream icing. The layers are sizes 8 inches on the bottom, and the Wilton ball pan for the top.

I started off baking cooling and icing the cakes. They sat overnight in the fridge to firm up. The next morning the tiers were covered in homemade marshmallow fondant that was made the day before.

It is a little hard to tell from the picture, but the bottom layer had a quilted pattern all around it- and along the quilted impression were green shimmer scrolls accented by a little pink flower on each of the four corners. This pattern continues all around the back of the bottom layer. Similar flowers were used along the base of the bottom tier.

Next, I cut out a gumpaste plaque design with my cricut cake and set it aside on a foam dummy cake to dry in the correct shape. The letters and number 5 were then cut with the same machine (also in gumpaste), but I was having a hard time since the letters were so small, so there are little drag marks- but I thought it actually added to the appearance by adding a little texture.

Once the letters and plaque were dry I airbrushed them in the green and pink sheen colors. Once they were dry I just dabbed a little water on the back of the letters and "glued" them to the plaque.

Next came airbrushing the top tier. This was done in the same color as the plaque, with a little darker coloring on the base, and lightening as it goes up to the top.

On the top I made fondant petals and dusted them with pink shimmer petal dust to give them a glittery fairy look for the top of the cake, and to have something for the topper to sit on. I added some larger flowers to the base of the top tier to tie it in with the bottom tier and add a little more pink to the cake. It was topped off with a store bought Tinkerbell topper to avoid any copyright infringement.

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