Transporting a cake

Hello, My son is getting married 6 hours away on Oct. 2nd in Virginia, and he wants me to make the wedding cake. I would have to leave on Friday to get to the rehearsal dinner with the cake in my car and drive for 6 hours. Would you recommend using fondant or buttercream icing? How well does fondant hold up and would I have to find a place to refrigerate it if I used buttercream (made with Crisco)?

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Jun 24, 2010
Transporting a cake
by: Anonymous

When transporting a cake, especially a long distance, its best to use separator plates and columns. Don't stack the cake before traveling. Make sure you place on flat surface, either in the back of a van, or the flat area in your trunk. Just make sure that nothing will fall on or against it during the trip. Place the bottom separator on the top of each tier as soon as the frosting sets. I use heavy-duty straws instead of wood dowels for support. They are very strong when standing on end. I also put a little coconut under each separator plate so the frosting doesn't stick to the separator plate when it's removed. The morning of the wedding, set up the cake table, place the columns, and stack the cake. Though I freeze the cake layers as I make them, I never put the cake in a refrigerator after the frosting is in place. In my opinion, a cold cake doesn't taste fresh. Once you frost the cake, it's sealed and will stay fresh till cut. If you mix in a little meringue powder when making the buttercream frosting, it will crust nicely. Just make sure you don't make it too thin. My recipe is: 8 C powdered sgr., 1/2 C water (milk can sour in hot weather), 1 t salt, 1-2 t flavoring of choice. I prefer orange or pineapple. Add 4-6 heaping Tbls. Crisco (1-1 1/2 C) If you want a cream colored frosting, use 1/2 Butter-flavored Crisco. Pure white frosting, use regular white Crisco. Finally, do a "taste test" before frosting the cake. If it tastes too sweet, add a little more Crisco. If too much Crisco, add more powdered sgr. At this point, it's possible you might have to add a little more water. It you do, only add a tablespoon at a time while mixing. If you use a high-speed mixer, mix for 5-10 minutes to make the frosting light and fluffy.

Jun 05, 2010
Do it there
by: Anonymous

I think you can bake the tiers at home, but definitely decorate it there. Both Fondant and Buttercream will melt.

Jun 05, 2010
by: Kelly

Again, wow!
I would personally leave a day earlier and bake it and decorate it there.

I made a scooby doo cake for my daughters wedding, grooms cake. In June. Transporting across town, it MELTED! It was buttercream.

That is an awful big request.
I'm serious, I'd try and bake it there, not transport.

And I have had fondant melt too.

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