Tropical Wedding Cake

by Gayla
(Big Island, Hawaii)

Tropical Wedding Cake

Tropical Wedding Cake

This tropical Wedding cake was made for a couple visiting the island, they wanted a red velvet cake with tropical flowers. I used boxed red velvet cake mix and made my own cream cheese filling and buttercream frosting.

The couple wanted cream cheese frosting on the whole cake but the wedding was going to be at a beach, with the heat and humidity I decided to use buttercream on the outside I was afraid the cream cheese frosting would melt right off the cake!

This was the first time I did a red velvet cake for a wedding cake it was very moist but it was a hard trying to cover all of those red crumbs. I had to crumb coat it twice to cover all the red. Because the cake was so moist I used extra dowels in each layer of the cake to make sure it wouldn't sag.

I used several different types of flowers, antheriums, protea, orchids, and ti leaf. I wrapped the stems of the antherium and the protea really well with plastic wrap and floral tape. I used tooth picks to hold the orchids in place.

I also made a star burst with the ti leaf, I cut pointed strips out of the ti leaf and folded it in half and strung it on a piece of thin wire than brought it all together in circle it looked really nice.

When I delivered the cake, I was really happy that the tropical flowers I had chosen were the perfect match to the one the wedding planner had used in the decorations. The couple and their visiting friends all enjoyed the cake!

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