Twilight Birthday Cake

by Natalie

Twilight Birthday Cake

Twilight Birthday Cake

So, it was my friend Bethany's 16th on Thursday and she's a Twilight fanatic. So what better cake to do her than a Twilight birthday cake? I decided to incorporate the front cover of each of the books into it: The apple for the first book Twilight, the ribbon from third book Eclipse and the chess board from the forth book breaking dawn.

The cake was my favorite simple vanilla sponge recipe, with jam and vanilla butter icing in the middle.

Once I had iced the cake, it was time to start on the decorations. The apple was simple to make, a ball of red icing on a stick! But the hard part was keeping it from falling off the cake! I put it into the fridge for a while to let it harden.

Whilst that was in the fridge, I started on the chess board of the cake. I couldn't find any black ready made icing, so I had to get some black food coloring and keep on rolling the icing in my hands until it was all black, including my hands!

Once that was done, I rolled the icing out and cut it into squares. The fun part was placing them on the cake in the exact position- at first it looked like a racing car finishing line, but once I put the icing apple on top and the Twilight sign, it looked much more like a Twilight cake!

To finish, I placed the red ribbon from the third book around the bottom of the cake, as well as some shiny silver balls to decorate and Happy Birthday written across the top in red icing! And Va la! A finished cake ready to eat! It was fun making it! Happy Birthday Bethany!

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