Unique Birthday Cakes Such as this Slot Machine Cake

Easy instructions for making unique birthday cakes such as this slot machine cake:

Bake a sheet cake the size that you need.

Near the bottom of the cake cut a V shape out of the cake. This groove that you create will hold the chocolate covered coins, which are the very last thing that is done to the cake. (Refer to the picture to see how this is done.)

unique birthday cakes

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The arm on the side of the slot machine is made from the pieces you cut out for the V.

The only two tips you will be using are the star tip, size #18 and the round tip, size #5. You can change the colors to your liking or copy the ones in the cake picture.

The only color I recommend you not change is the black in the background of the two sections.

Working from the bottom of the cake, the bottom section is blue. The V section is done in purple. The next section is in purple with three blue rectangles that have three lighter blue stripes on them

The next section is the black square in the center with sevens across the top in red and fruit randomly in the columns underneath.

One side has three blocks in light blue and outlined in a darker blue with 50, 75 & 100 done in the center in a darker blue.

On the top and bottom of the center blue (75 one), fill in with white and outline in red. Place a red flower in the center of the white.

On the other side, make a darker blue circle with three lines spaced evenly underneath.

With white icing and round tip, #5, write 25 in the center of the blue circle.

Fill in the background with purple. Divide the top section into two sections, one 2/3 and one 1/3.

Make the fruit according to the picture, and the numbers in white icing using round tip, #5. The background is black.

On the smaller section, make a light blue circle. Surround it in green and red. Make the background purple.

With white icing, put a large number seven on top of the circle.

Cover the arm in white icing and put purple lines at the bottom according to the picture. Outline the sections in light orange.

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