Why are my gumpaste flowers not drying and why r they weeping?

by Nimi

I have made beautiful flowers and now I am sitting and waiting for the flowers to dry and because they are weeping they are not even staying open the flowers are all collapsing. What do I do I have to decorate my nephews wedding cake. I hardly have 4 days left. I need urgent help tips. Its raining cats n dogs here at the moment and I just don't know what to do?

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Jul 08, 2009
flowers not drying
by: Deborah

Part of the problem may be the rain. High humidity can and will make gumpaste sticky and soft. Are you making the flowers on floral wire? It is easier to dry on wires since the air can reach both sides all at once. Also, since the humidity is high, turn on your oven at about 250 degrees, leave the door open, set the tray of flowers on the oven door in front of the oven. The flowers will dry quicker. Rotate the tray every 10 minutes. After drying the flowers, place them in an airtight container until ready to place them on the cake. You can also place a small container of silica gel in the container. It will absorb all of the humidity. You can get silica gel at any craft store in the floral section. It is used to dry flowers. It is safe to use; just don't get it on the flowers. If you can't find the silica, use rice. It won't work as well as silica, but it will help. I use salt in my salt shakers to keep the salt from absorbing moisture and clogging the holes in the salt shaker. I hope this helps; Good luck with the cake!

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