Acoustic Guitar Cake

by Kimberly
(Fairbanks, AK)

Acoustic Guitar Cake

Acoustic Guitar Cake

I made the guitar cake out of Rice Krispies treats because it was easier to cut and because kids often don't like cake anyway. I made a double batch in a jelly roll pan, cut it in half and then cut the guitar from the double thickness.

My husband made a guitar pattern by taking a digital photo of our guitar and then tracing it in a computer program and scaling it to the size we wanted. The shape is also distorted to be a little fatter than a real guitar.

I cut the center hole out through only the top layer of rice krispies. I also cut a little out (not as deep) to put in the Hershey bars for the fret board and the bridge.

The top of the cake is frosted with peanut butter frosting. The circle and the sides are fudge frosting. The tuning pegs are dum dums. The strings are licorice--I couldn't find black. That actually didn't work so well because they wanted to curl. If you use licorice, buy the kind that comes laid out flat, not curled up in circles.

It was a big hit and I was surprised, even some of the adults chose to have the Rice Krispies cake instead of the carrot sheet cake we served at the same time.

"Electric Guitar 22"" Pinata"

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