How to Make a Flower Birthday Cake

Easy directions for making this flower birthday cake:

Bake two 8-inch layer cakes, two six-inch layer cakes and one four inch layer cake.

With an icing filled bag and round tip, size #5, draw one flower shape and one half flower shape on the eight inch layers.

flower birthday cake Draw two flower shapes on the six inch layers.

Draw a flower shape on the four inch layer.

Cut the cake away from all of the flower shapes. Use these pieces to form the dragonfly on to[ of the half flower, making sure you use icing between pieces to hold them together.

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Make a yellow colored icing and use star tip, size #18 to fill in the centers of the flowers putting extra icing in the middle of the centers to make a mound shape.

Now sprinkle yellow edible glitter over the centers.

Make two shades of purple icing and cover the purple flower according to the picture of the flower birthday cake using star tip, size #18.

Make two shades of yellow icing and use the same size star tip to cover the yellow half flower according to the picture.

Make a sky blue color icing and use the same size star tip to cover the blue flower (6”).

Make pink icing and use the same size star tip to cover the pink flower (6”).

Use the darker shade of the purple icing and the same size tip to cover the small purple flower (4”).

Use white icing and a small cake spatula to cover the wings of the dragonfly that is sitting on the flower birthday cake.

Make a yellowish green icing and use round tip, size #5 to make the outline on the wings, also drawing the vein lines.

Use star tip, size #18 and the yellow green icing and yellow icing and cover the bug’s body.

Make the eye and the feet using round tip, size #5 and black icing.

Write the message on the cake board using round tip, size #5.

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