Hannah Montana Electric Guitar Cake

by Melissa Andrade
(San Antonio, Texas,USA)

Hannah Montana Guitar Cake

Hannah Montana Guitar Cake

Brace yourself! This is a good three days of cake work! I used a real guitar as a guide on this cake. Three days in advance, Make all the knobs, screws, and tuners out of fondant and let dry.

To make the wammy bar, cut lollipop sticks ( three peices ) and hot glue them together to get the bend in the bar. Let it dry. When it is dry, cover with fondant and let dry for a few days.

Brush all silver pieces and the wammy bar with silver shimmer dust. The day before you want the cake to be finished, use black royal icing to put decorations(numbers and words)on all the knobs.

Pipe the plus signs on the top of the screws. Let dry. Bake three 12 x 18 sheet cakes. Using wax paper or parchment paper make a stencil of the guitar by placing the paper on the guitar.(You may have to tape some together to get the paper big enough). Trace the body. Then trace the neck. Cut the shapes out.

With the first two sheet cakes, lay the body of the guitar wax paper in the middle of the cake. Cut around the paper to make the shape of the guitar with the cake. Do the same with the other cake. Put a filling or frosting on one and top with the other cake making it a two layer cake. Then frost.

With the last of the three sheet cakes, place the neck wax paper along the long edge of the cake. Careful you'll have just enough to do the whole neck and top. Cut the two necks and top out of the cake. Put those together and frost. Tint the fondant. Brown for the neck and the color of your choice for the body. Cover the neck, top, body seperately.

day of the cake being ready, roll out a small amount of fondant for the different color on the body of the guitar. You can use the wax paper idea as a stencil for this too. Cut the fondant and using clear vanilla on the bottom side, stick to the cake. Use royal icing to glue all the knobs onto the cake.

For the tuning knobs, stick a toothpick into the bottom of them. Then stick into the side of the top of the neck. Stick the wammy bar into its place. It needs a little more support so place a toothpick into the cake for the bar to rest on.

Roll out thin snakes of fondant and place onto the neck of the guitar with clear vanilla. Using tip 5 and a small amount of fondant make the small circles for the neck and put them in their place with clear vanilla.

You can use any shape of cookie cutter or none to decorate the body of the guitar. Just roll out fondant in your choice of color and cut the shapes out. Apply them to the cake with the vanilla.

I traced the Hannah Montana logo onto wax paper dusted with confectioners sugar and the cut the letters into the fondant. You could put any logo or shape you wanted on the cake. With royal icing instead of real strings (which wouldn't stay on the cake), I wrote Happy Birthday Hailey along the guitar neck in a squiggly manner mimicking a string on the guitar. Starting and stopping where one of the real strings would.

Lastly, border the bottom of the cake with a tip 12 simple line in the same color buttercream as the fondant on the cake. Once you have done this you are finished! Take a bow!

Hannah Montana Guitar Pull String Pinata

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Jun 13, 2009
by: Andy Anonymous

that is the most realistic electric guitar cake that I have ever seen! Great job! I think that all the other ones that people made are too thick and dont loo right. yours is perfect!

Jun 05, 2009
reply to last comment
by: Melissa

Hi! I made the Hannah Montana birthday cake. I dont ship my cakes but if your close enough I would do it for you. My email address is missyssweets@yahoo.com. If you are still interested, email me!

Jun 05, 2009
Hannah Montana Electric Guitar Cake
by: Dyann Bushnell

This cake looks wonderful.Would Melissa
concider making this cake for a little
girls birthday party in July? Or is it even
allowed to ask in this post? And how would
one contact Melissa to ask her?

Aug 02, 2008
Hannah guitar cake
by: Kelly

Wow! That sure was a lot of work but it sure looks GREAT!

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