Miscellaneous Sports Cakes - Bowling, Gymnastics, Tennis, Wrestling & More

These miscellaneous sports cakes are all cakes that did not fit into one of our other sports subcategories. They are cakes themed around bowling, tennis, gymnastics, wrestling and more.

Allstar Sports Birthday Cake Allstar Sports Birthday Cake

For this sports birthday cake, I started with 2 side by side 9x13 cakes made from scratch. I covered a small layer of grass green icing over the two cakes first...

Sports Themed Birthday Cake Pictures Sports Themed Birthday Cake Pictures

Bake a one layer round cake the size that you need. The birthday cake picture above is a ten inch round cake...

Dean's Bowling Cake 1 Dean's Bowling Cake 1

This bowling cake was for my brother-in-law. I used a shaped Wilton pan and used 1 cake mix. Bake according to directions...

Dean's Bowling Cake 2 Dean's Bowling Cake 2

This bowling cake was also for my brother-in-law, so he could take it to the bowling alley! I used a long loaf pan, it held an entire cake mix...

Gymnastic Girl Cake Gymnastic Girl Cake

This gymnastic cake is a three level cake with each different round cake placed on a tiered stand. One each level, I baked a 12, 10, and 8 inch cake...

Gymnastic Cake Gymnastic Cake

This gymnastics cake is for two little budding gymnasts who will be 10. It's a butter madeira cake which I covered with fondant...

Sports Cake Sports Cake

Make a two layer cake the size that you need. Ice the cake between the layers using white icing...

Tennis Player Birthday Cake Tennis Player Birthday Cake

For this tennis player birthday cake, I used two mixes of Chocolate Pudding in the Cake by Betty Crocker and baked them in two 9 x 13 pans...

Tennis Racquet and Ball Cake Tennis Racquet and Ball Cake

To make this tennis racquet and ball cake: The Racquet: I made this cake with a 9x13 homemade chocolate cake and two extra small loaf pans with white cakes...

Toronto Maple Leafs Jersey Cake Toronto Maple Leafs Jersey Cake

To make this Toronto Maple Leafs jersey cake, I did a chocolate cake with chocolate pudding center. I iced it with buttercream icing...

WWE Cake 2010 WWE Cake 2010

This WWE cake is two 12 inch cakes with white home made butter cream fondant. I used bought red and black...

WWE Wrestling Ring 7th Birthday Cake WWE Wrestling Ring 7th Birthday Cake

I made this WWE Wrestling birthday cake for a friend's son b-day who turned 7 yrs old on December 28th who loves WWE wrestling...

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