Princess Barbie Cake

by Katey
(West Midlands, England)

Princess Barbie cake

Princess Barbie cake

The cake for this princess Barbie cake was baked using a 7' cake tin and a pyrex bowl for the top of the skirt, to create the ball gown look.

This is a chocolate sponge cake.

Cut both of the cakes in half and fill with whatever filling you are going to use.

Place them back together making sure you add some filling to stick the two separate cakes together.
Now use a little buttercream to go around the side of the cake to make sure the icing will stick to it.

Roll out some fondant icing in the required color and place on top of the cakes, patting it into place making sure it fits all over, now trim excess icing and put to one side.

Roll out some differently colored icing (this is for the frills)

Take a cookie cutter and cut out around 50 circles.

Now take a very small cutter (I used the metal top from an alcohol bottle) and cut the middle of these circles.

Discard the middles as they are not needed.
Now you should have what looks like very large polo's! Now cut them in half. So now you will be left with a semi circle.

Place the semi circle piece of icing near to the edge of your workstation.

Turn the icing ready to make into the frills, so it looks like you have a backwards letter C in front of you.

Take a cocktail stick and place half the stick onto the C- shape piece of icing and gently roll all the way around, roll the cocktail stick all over the edge of the icing until it becomes "frilly", it might take a few goes, but you'll soon get the nack.

When you have a frill, pick it up very carefully and make a layer around the bottom of the cake.
To stick it to the cake I would use a clear alcohol as it doesn't stain the icing like water will.

Work your way around the cake until you have reached the top.

I didn't use Barbies legs, I just popped the trunk of her body into the cake, make a small hole and pop it in.

"Barbie and the Diamond Castle 9"" Dinner Plates (8)"

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May 07, 2009
by: kelly

What a beautiful job!!!
That was a lot of work but is very beautiful!

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