Spongebob Squarepants Cake

by Jessie
(South Deerfield, MA)

Spongebob Squarepants Cake

Spongebob Squarepants Cake

I'm not much of a baker, sure I can make cookies and regular cakes and stuff...but when it came time to make my daughter's cake for her 3rd birthday, I thought I was getting in over my head! So I took the easy route, easiest as I could make it! Here's what I did...

I went online and found a picture of Spongebob, to get all the colors right and all the features correct. I didn't print anything out, however, I did it from memory. I'm a photographer though, and have a photographic memory. It may be easier to print it out and go by a picture.

I bought a sheet cake pan- 13X15. I also bought 2 cans of Betty Crocker frosting, white and milk chocolate. I also used frosting dyes from Wilton's, 2 boxes of Duncan Hyne's yellow birthday cake mix and a box of buttercream frosting mix (also from Wilton's) and lots of toothpicks!

So, I followed instructions on the cake mix, baked the cake for 35-40 mins.
I allowed the cake to cool, while it was baking and cooling I completed other various projects needed to be finished for the party.

I used the Betty Crocker white frosting for Spongebob's body-used the yellow frosting dye. Keep in mind that after a while, the color does come out darker than it first looks. I stopped putting in the dye when I had kind of a pastel-ish yellow color.

I used the chocolate frosting for Spongebob's pants, and put some chocolate frosting in a bowl to make black. It's easier to use the chocolate frosting to make black, seeing as how it's halfway there already!

I took a toothpick,
and outlined everything for Spongebob, all the details and such. Then used the toothpick and the black frosting and did all the outlines in black frosting.

I colored in Spongebob's face with the yellow frosting, and used a paint brush to color in close to black lines. Then I did his pants with the chocolate frosting, again using a paint brush to color in close to his belt.

I used the buttercream frosting for his tie, shirt, eyeballs,teeth and irises. This had a thicker consistency, so it was easier to do the details with. For the color of the tie, I put in a lot of red dye. Red is a lot harder to mix in with white, seeing as how you get pink...so I did spend some time putting in the dye. I wasn't even sure if I had put in enough, but after a while I just said "Whatever", and used it. And as I said before, the dye darkens up after a while. So it worked out.

I used brown M&ms for his pupils.
For his sponge dots, I used black, green and yellow dyes to make kind of an icky color on purpose. It probably would have come out better if I had just used green and yellow.

To make his eyes round, I used the cover of the Betty Crocker frosting and pressed it into the cake.

I also did Spongebob with his mouth closed, so it was way easier!

About 2 or 3 hours later, Voila! Spongebob was smiling up at me. I also didn't do any limbs, hands or feet because there really wasn't any room on the cardboard he was on, plus that saved me more work.

"SpongeBob SquarePants 24"" Pull-String Pinata"

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Jan 26, 2011
Small World
by: Anonymous

Jessie - great job on this cake... I have to tell you that I was sitting here in Michigan, talking to my mom while looking thru Spongebob cake ideas when I saw that you were from So. Deerfield, MA. That's where I grew up and where my mom currently is. Small world.
Thanks for the detailed description of how you acheived this great result. I am sure your daughter was very excited to see it!

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