How to Make a Spongebob Cake

Easy instructions for making a Spongebob Cake:

Bake a full or a half sheet cake, whichever size that you need.

Use an icing filled bag and round tip, size #5, draw Spongebob on the cake. Use the above picture as a guide.

Use star tip, size #16 or #18 to cover the cake. With white icing fill in the eyes and teeth. The center of the eyes is blue with a black dot in the center.

spongebob cake Next fill in spots and mouth background with green icing. To make the green icing use yellow and black gel coloring. The tongue is pink icing. The collar is white and the pants are brown.

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The belt is done with a basket weave tip #47 and dark brown icing. The tie is red icing. Do all of the outline work using round tip, size #5. The cheeks outline is done in red icing.

Using the picture as a guide, outline spongebob in black or dark chocolate icing. Don't forget three eyelashes on each eye. The spots are not outlined.

The arms and legs are yellow pipe cleaners stuck in the cake according to the picture.

Make the short sleeve of the shirt with a little white icing. Make the hand with yellow icing. The feet are black icing for the shoes, and the socks are a white stripe with a red line in the center and a blue stripe.

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