White Off Road Jeep Cake

by Carrie Clayton
(Long Beach, CA US)

Side View of Jeep Rock Crawling

Side View of Jeep Rock Crawling

To make this off road jeep cake:

• 1 baked loaf cake (any flavor)-Jeep
• 1 baked cake 8x8 (any flavor)-base off cake
• White fondant Rolled out
• 1/2 cup white butter cream frosting
• 1 can of Chocolate frosting for base of cake
• 5 chocolate-covered doughnuts (tires)
• Donut Holes (boulders)
• Black piping gel (roll bars, handles and bumpers)
• Yellow and red piping gel (for head lights and brake lights)
• 2 Pretzel sticks (for the axels)
• Extra rock candy if available (gives it a “life like” vibe)

1. Place the 9x9 cake down first. This is your base/off road course. Frost with Chocolate frosting to give it a muddy look.

2. Add the doughnut holes to one end of cake and stack them like a small hill. (You can cut some in half if it helps keep them stable.

3. Take the loaf cake and cut it so you have one piece that is larger than the other (this will be the Jeeps body) and one piece that is small enough to rest on top. (the smaller piece will be your Jeeps cab)

4. Take your pretzel sticks and position them where you will want your jeep to rest. Add One Chocolate doughnut to each end of each stick. This is your jeeps axles and tires.

5. Keeping the Jeep separate at this point, lightly frost the body of the jeep with white butter cream frosting. (it will be messing and your frosting won’t be perfect, but it does not matter, you are only adding the frosting so the Fondant will stick better. Position the smaller piece on top of
the body. Then frost the smaller piece. Now that you have the Jeep body and cab positioned appropriately carefully lay the rolled out fondant over the vehicle. If your fondant was not rolled big enough make sure you leave the uncovered parts under the jeep as your viewers won’t see under the vehicle.

6. Place Body of Jeep on top of the pretzel axles already in place.

7. Smooth out the fondant and keep your corners clean/smooth. (if you have any big mess ups cover it with chocolate frosting and make it look like mud flew up onto the vehicle.

8. Outline the vehicle with the black piping gel, don’t forget the door handles and grill. Don’t forget to color the top of the jeep with the black gel and outline the windows. If you have another color of frosting you can shade in the windows too.

9. Use the yellow piping gel for the headlights and the Red for the back brake lights.
10.For the true 4x4 look, add candy rocks around the cake as a border and randomly in and around the donut hole slope.

11. Last add the birthday message or any other message to the cake.

Don’t forget, if you find you have an area that got messed up just throw some chocolate frosting on it and make it look like mud splatter.

This was my first Jeep cake and it traveled over 5 hours in a bumpy RV to its destination. It was a little beat up but was still a crowd pleaser.

The cake was inspired by my boyfriends Jeep Rubicon and its many fun trips we have had in it. Enjoy, Carrie

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Oct 14, 2011
Fantastic !!!
by: Sensation's Geisha

I love the creativity and fun of this cake. Bravo to you!

Apr 01, 2010
by: Kelly

That is very creative! Good job

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