How to Make a Fish Birthday Cake

Easy instructions for making a fish birthday cake:

Bake a sheet cake the size that you need. Ice the sides of the cake in white buttercream icing. Ice the top of the cake in blue icing placing streaks of green icing and a few streaks of white icing randomly on top.

Smooth the top blending all of the colors. See the picture of the fish birthday cake.

Make a yellow colored icing and using round tip, size #4, draw an angel fish in the bottom right hand corner of the cake.

fish birthday cake Using the same yellow icing and star tip, size #16, fill in the yellow parts of the fish.

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Make black icing and using the same size star tip, size #16, fill in the black stripes and tail end of the fish.

Using the same black icing and round tip, size #4, put a small dot for the fish’s eye and a short line on the top fin to lengthen it. Refer to the picture.

Next, use the same green icing that you used to smooth on the cake top and leaf tip, size #352 and make long strips of sea grass in clumps.

Use white icing and round tip, size #4 and draw five circles in graduated sizes from the fish’s mouth to the left hand side of the top of the cake.

You write the birthday message in the bubbles using the same white icing and tip.

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