Graduation Party Cakes

Browse below to find lots of graduation party cakes that you can make for your next graduation party! Thanks to visitors like you who have submitted their cake creations along with a description of how they made their cake to give you lots of inspiration and ideas for making your own graduation party cakes.

Graduation Cake . . .Pictures and Instructions Graduation Cake . . .Pictures and Instructions

Find out how to make a fantastic looking graduation cake. This graduation cake is easy to make by following these directions...

Graduation Cookie Graduation Cookie

I made a big chocolate chip cookie. I used buttercream icing and iced the whole cookie smooth. I used a star tip for the trim. I also wrote on the cookie...

A Graduation Cake A Graduation Cake

This graduation cake is a 1/4 sheet chocolate cake filled and frosted with chocolate buttercream. Fondant covered cupcake and board for grad...

Round Graduation Cake Round Graduation Cake

To make this graduation cake: 1. Bake a cake in a 14 inch round cake pan. Chocolate moist cake (low fat milk, brown sugar, flour, soda and powder, cocoa...

Lemon Cream Graduation Cake Lemon Cream Graduation Cake

To make this graduation cake, I made two 9x13 lemon cream cakes filled with strawberries and cheesecake. Buttercream icing was piped with Champagne...

Fondant Graduation Cake Fondant Graduation Cake

This is my first fondant work...I just rolled it, applied and smoothed to get the rectangular shape. I cut out some stars out colored fondant and...

My Graduation Cake My Graduation Cake

I made this cake to appropriate my success on completing my first degree in Business Information Technology. These are the steps I followed: Phase 1...

Kiddie Graduation Cake Kiddie Graduation Cake

To make this kiddie graduation cake: 1. Bake an 8 inch round chocolate moist cake (flour, sugar, low fat milk, unsweetened chocolate powder,...

Cake for Graduation Cake for Graduation

If you are looking for some great tasting chocolate cake recipes, try this one: Ingredients 1 2/3 cup flour 1 ½ cup sugar ¾ cup cocoa 1 ½ teaspoon baking...

Graduation Cake for Four Graduation Cake for Four

This graduation cake was prepared for four graduating kids. This is one chocolate cake filled with black raspberry filling and doubled with a...

Graduation Cake by Atinuke Olusanya Graduation Cake by Atinuke Olusanya

To make this graduation cake, I baked a 22 by 18 inches rectangular cake for the base. A 14 by 10 rectangular cake was baked and cut into 3...

Graduation Cake with White Chocolate Graduation Hat Graduation Cake with White Chocolate Graduation Hat

The graduation cake was a 1/2 sheet cake, strawberry flavor with strawberry puree in the batter, filled and frosted with cream cheesse icing...

Enterprise High School Graduation Cake Enterprise High School Graduation Cake

After the Enterprise tornado destroyed the high school, our children were displaced for the rest of the year, so, graduation was a big deal...

SpongeBob Graduates Cake SpongeBob Graduates Cake

This Spongebob Graduation cake was so easy. I used 1 can of coke and 1 chocolate cake mix. I mixed and put in a pan and baked according to...

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