Hat Cakes You Can Make

Here are some great hat cakes all with pictures and descriptions of how to make them. You can make any one of these hat birthday cakes yourself or use them as inspiration to create your own.

Australian Cork Hat Cake Australian Cork Hat Cake

This was a challenge it self, the cake board has holes drilled in it, and then I covered it in brown icing for the hat base...

Birthday Hat Cake Birthday Hat Cake

To make this birthday hat cake, I used one 8 inch round pan for the bottom and the top is two 6 inch pans...

Fondant Hat Cake Fondant Hat Cake

I baked this hat cake with a hat shaped baking tin and covered it with fondant...

Granny's Hat Cake Granny's Hat Cake

To make this hat cake, I used an eight inch and one ten inch pan. I filled the eight inch a little higher to get a rounded top...

Hat Cake Hat Cake

Bake a round cake the size that you need. You will use an oven proof bowl or half of a ball pan to bake the dome part of the hat...

Pink Hat Cake Pink Hat Cake

Beautiful girls n ladies hat for spring :) Springtime means lovely flowers of different color. Enjoy this cheerful pink color cake with your kids and family...

Red Hat Cake Red Hat Cake

To make this red hat cake, I baked a white cake mix and put the whole eggs in it to make it a little heavier...

Red Hat Society Cake Red Hat Society Cake

To make this Red Hat Society cake, I used a red velvet cake with strawberries and cream filling. I covered it with strawberry buttercream icing...

Wizard Hat Cake Wizard Hat Cake

I baked a chocolate cake in an eight inch pan. I made a wizard hat and stars and wand with fondant earlier...

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