How to make an Incredibles Cake

Easy instructions on how to make an Incredibles cake:

Bake a sheet cake the size you will need. Draw on the cake with an icing filled bag and round tip #5 using the picture as your guide. Make sure you outline with icing the mask, eyes, nose, mouth, hair line, ears, jaw line, collar and emblem. This will help you when you cover your cake with icing.

Incredibles cake

Using star tip #18 fill in the eyes with white and blue icing. Next fill in the mask with black icing. Then cover the face with flesh colored icing (use very small amounts of red and orange gel colors to get the flesh colors - very small!) It is better to add coloring in small amounts at a time until you achieve the color you are looking for.

Starting at the jawline, put another layer of icing on top with rows gradually blending into the first layer half way up the chin. You may have to do this again to build the chin up because this is one of his biggest features - the long big chin.

Next build up the nose in the same manner. Outline the ears, nose, neck and chin in the same flesh colored icing and round tip #5. Outline the mouth in pink icing as shown in the picture.

Using yellow icing and star tip #18, pipe on strands of hair starting at the hair line and drawing out to the edge of the cake. Don't forget there is a curl on the top of his head.

Cover the neck collar with black icing and star tip #18. The emblem is done in light orange icing and black icing. Finally cover top with red icing and you are finished making this incredible looking Incredibles cake!

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