Kids Cakes - Cat & Dog Birthday Cake

Easy directions for making kid cakes such as this cat & dog party cake:

Bake a sheet cake the size that you need. Ice the cake with white icing using a cake spatula to make sure the surface is smooth.

cat and dog kid cakes Using a green food color spray (also known as color mist), and a purple food color spray randomly spray the cake surface. This is your background for your cat and dog.

Let the sprayed surface dry for about fifteen minutes.

With an icing filled bag and round tip, size #5, draw the cat and dog on the top of the cake.

You will be using the star tip, size #18 to do the entire fill in work and a round tip, size #5 to do all of the outline work.

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With red icing, fill in the glasses frames on the dog.

Use white icing and round tip, size #5 to make the dots on the points of the red glasses frame.

Now fill in the glasses frames on the cat using blue and purple icing alternating the colors to make a checker board effect.

Now fill in the centers of the glasses using a medium brown and a slightly darker brown icing.

The eyes on the dog are the darker brown with the medium and the darker brown around them.

Outline the eyes in black icing. Put a highlight dot on each eye using white icing.

The cat’s eyes are made with a medium brown icing with a darker brown and the medium brown icing around them. Outline the eyes in black icing also make a line in the center of eyes for the cat’s pupil. Put a highlight dot on each eye on the center of each pupil.

Now fill in the spots on the party hats using yellow, red, blue and purple icing. Fill in the rest of the hats using white icing.

To do the rest of the dog, fill in his nose using black and darker brown icing and a medium brown icing to highlight the top of the nose. Now fill in the dog’s body using black and white icing. Next, blend the body using a regular fork and short strokes to resemble dog hair.

Next, fill in the dog’s head using the darker brown, medium brown and a lighter brow icing. Blend the colors using a fork and short strokes making sure the strokes go in the natural growth of the dog’s hair. Fill in the mouth with black icing.

Now, do the cat. Fill in the cat’s nose and mouth using pink icing. Fill in the cat’s body using black and white icing with a tiny bit of medium brown icing on the cat’s ears. Blend the cat’s body in the same manner.

Fill in the whistles using yellow and blue icing and the round tip, size #5 to do the yellow and red dots at the end of the whistles. Outline the whistles in white icing.

Make a green brown on the dog and a red bow on the cat using the basket weave tip, size #45.

Using a yellow red and blue icing and the round tip, size #54, make the confetti on the cake top.

Use white icing and star tip, size #18 and make a shell border around the top edge of the cake and the bottom edge of the sides of the cake.

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