How to Make a Dora the Explorer Cake

Easy instructions for making a Dora the Explorer cake:

Bake a sheet cake the size that you need. With white icing and round tip, size #5, draw Dora on the cake top referring to the picture above.

Use brown icing and star tip, size #18 to fill in the pupils on the eyes. Use white icing and star tip, size #18 and fill in the white part of the eyes.

Make red icing and with the same size star tip, fill in the mouth.

dora the explorer cake

Next make dark flesh colored icing. This can be done by adding small amounts of red and orange gel or paste coloring until you reach the shade in the picture.

Us star tip, size #18 and fill in the face.

Next, make a dark chocolate icing and using the same size star tip, fill in the hair. You can use canned chocolate icing for the hair if you wish.

Use the same chocolate icing and round tip, size #5 and outline the eyes, the mouth and the nose.

Take a little of the chocolate icing and add white icing to it to get a lighter brown icing and using round tip, size #5, outline the hair referring to the above picture.

Write your message on the board in your choice of colors.

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If you have made a Dora themed birthday cake that you would like to share, please submit your cake here and let us know how you made it! We would love to feature your cake on our site. Please make sure to include a photo of your cake and a description of how you made it, so that we can all share ideas and learn from each other!

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