How to Make Princess Birthday Cakes

Easy instructions for making princess birthday cakes:

Bake a sheet cake the size that you need. Ice the cake in light blue buttercream icing. With white icing in a decorator bag and round tip, size #5, draw the princess on the cake as shown in the picture.

Make a light flesh colored icing and fill in the face and neck of the princess using star tip, size #16. Use a little darker flesh colored icing and round tip, size #4 and outline the face and neck and nose.

princess birthday cakes Use blue icing for the eyes using round tip, size #5, make small dots. Outline the eyes with darker flesh colored icing and round tip, size #4.

Next fill in the collar, front of the dress and top skirt ruffle with white icing and star tip, size #16.

Outline the collar, dress front and ruffle with a golden color icing and round tip, size #5.

Fill in the gown with pink icing and star tip, size #18. (Note: the arms are at sides hanging behind gown.).

Fill in the crown with golden icing using star tip, size #18, then sprinkle with yellow edible glitter purchased at a craft or bakery supply store.

Next make a light yellow icing and using star tip, size #18, fill in the hair. Use the same yellow icing and outline the hair with round tip, size #5.

Use the same pink icing and round tip, size #5, and outline the gown making lines on folds of the gown. (Refer to the above princess birthday cakes picture).

Make a shell border on the edge and bottom of the sides of the cake.

Now make a medium blue icing and using rose tip, size #104, make butterflies around the princess. To make the butterflies, hold the pointed tip on the surface and squeeze slightly so you have a little curved wing. Right beside it make a bigger wing. Do the same on the other side matching large wings to small wings. Practice the butterflies on wax paper first if necessary before doing them on your princess birthday cake.

Next make a dark blue icing and using a round tip, size #5, pipe the body down the center. Make two lines for the antennas.

Write your message on the board.

Here is another cake that is a princess cake that is also a great cake to bake!

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