How to Make a Train Cake

Easy instructions for making this train cake:

Bake a sheet cake the size that you need. With an icing filled bag and round tip, size #18, draw the train on the cake top. Cut around the train shape making sure not to forget the smoke clouds.

train cake The entire train birthday cake, except for the outline work is done using star tip, size #18. The outline work is done using round tip, size #5.

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The wheels, bar and window are a light gray colored icing. Use blue icing for the engine room. Red icing is used for the top of the engine room and track shield in the front. Black icing is used for the smoke stack and the bottom part of the engine between the wheels.

The center of the engine is bright yellow and the front tip is a bright green.

The clouds are white icing.

Finally, outline the entire engine in black icing using your round tip, size #5. The picture shows you where the lines should be.

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