Hello Kitty Cakes - Easy Directions

Easy directions for making  Hello Kitty cakes:
Hello Kitty Cakes

Bake a sheet cake the size that you need. With an icing filled bag and round tip #5 draw Hello Kitty on the cake top. Cut the cake away from the kitty shape.

Use a round tip #10 and black icing and outline Hello Kitty. Use a star tip #16 to do all the fill in work. Using pink icing fill in only the bow and kitty's shirt.

Then gently sprinkle edible pink glitter over the bow and the shirt. Now fill in the dress with a lighter pink icing. Next fill in the nose with yellow icing.

Finally fill in kitty's body and the sides of the cake with white icing.

Hello Kitty Cake Hello Kitty Cake

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Hello Kitty Cakes Hello Kitty Cakes

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