Make This Pirate Cake

Easy instructions for making a Pirate Cake:

Bake a sheet cake the size you will need. Draw on the cake using an icing filled bag with a round tip #5 using the above picture as your guide. (If you mess up, you can just scrape it off and do it again until you are satisfied with your shape.)

pirate cake

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Cut away the outline so you have the pirate's shape. Cover hat rim in yellow icing using star tip #16 or #18. Fill in lip with red icing using the same size tip. Fill in hat, hair and eye patch with black icing using the same size tip.

Next, fill in the eye with white and black icing still using the same size tip. Fill in face with flesh colored icing (to get the flesh color, use a very small amount of red and orange coloring added to your white icing.)

Outline the hat, hair and face with black icing and round tip #5. Put touches of grey icing on strands of hair as shown on the above pirate cake.

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