Make This Star Wars Cake

Easy instructions for making a Star Wars Cake:

Bake a sheet cake the size that you need. Draw Darth Vader on the cake using a #5 round tip and icing (see picture below for how to draw the outline of Darth Vader on the cake). If you make a mistake while drawing the outline, just scrape off the icing and start again. Cut away the cake outside of the outline.

star wars cake

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Using the picture as a guide line, cover areas in different colored icings using star tip #18. Use black icing for the helmet with cream colored and white icing as the shading. Use black icing and medium brown icing as the shading for the shoulder. The chest is medium dark grey icing on one side with cream shading at top of stripes. The other side is white icing with grey icing for shading and with cream icing in between.

star wars cake Using a small icing spatula, shaded areas can be softly blended together where they meet. This gives the cake more dimension.

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