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Included are unique birthday cake ideas that will wow your guests. These cakes are so different, they did not fit into any of our "ordinary" categories! So, we created a whole new section just for them.

They will make great birthday cakes for adults and kids alike, for whatever reason. Be unique and try something different today!

Birthday Wishes E-mail Laptop Cake Birthday Wishes E- mail Laptop Cake

I got the idea for this laptop birthday cake because my oldest son seems to have been born with a laptop computer in his crib. He...

Blue Stock Pot Cake Blue Stock Pot Cake

I made this cake for a friend whom bought his wife a set of pots and pans for her birthday. I made four round red velvet cakes and...

Box of Chocolates Cake Box of Chocolates Cake

I made a full cake mix using a heart pan to make the base of my box of chocolates, leveling off the top. I used homemade fondant...

Car At The Garden Cake Car At The Garden Cake

This is one of the many cakes that I've made. This cake is made up of a 15 x 3 square chocolate cake with the flowers and trees as...

Casper Bichon Frise Cake Casper Bichon Frise Cake

This bichon frise cake is vanilla sponge with raspberry jam shaped into a dog shape then iced...

Cell Phone Cake Cell Phone Cake

I used 2 white cakes to make this cell phone cake. I reserved a small amount of one cake mix to use in a small loaf pan to make the...

Checkerboard Cake with BASKET 

Decorating Checkerboard Cake with BASKET Decorating

The mold is made up of a basic circular cake mold (there were three in the package actually) and a removable insert made up of...

Chess Board Cake with Pieces Chess Board Cake with Pieces

This chess board cake was made with marble cake inside with chocolate buttercreme layers and frosted with chocolate buttercreme...

Chinese Checker Cake Chinese Checker Cake

To make this Chinese checker cake, I used a boxed mix and baked according to directions. I used the flat round wilton pan for...

Chocaholics Dream Birthday Cake Chocaholics Dream Birthday Cake

For this chocolate birthday cake, I baked 2 x 9 inch chocolate sponge cakes and used a nutella and peanut butter mixture filling...

Chocolate Bichon Frise Cake - Ben Chocolate Bichon Frise Cake - Ben

To make this Bichon Frise cake, I used a 3D bear mold with a rich chocolate cake an dark chocolate ganche. I cut off the top arms...

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