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Here are some inspiring unique birthday cake ideas that will really wow your guests. These cakes are so different, they did not even fit into any of our other "ordinary" categories! So, we created a whole new section just for them.

They will make fantastic birthday cakes for adults and children alike, whatever the reason may be. Be unique and indulge in something new for a change!

Chocolate Humor Cake Chocolate Humor Cake

This chocolate cake I made in fun and it was a pleasure to make. It is moist, rich chocolate sponge, covered with mint, chocolate...

Coffee Shop Cookie Coffee Shop Cookie

I cheated and used a packaged mix for peanut butter cookies. I baked in a heart shaped cookie pan. After cooling completely, I...

Computer Cake Computer Cake

This computer cake was for my niece's 20th birthday. The monitor is pound cake edged with fondant. It's held up by a wooden base...

Cowboy Boot Cake Cowboy Boot Cake

The cake is a chocolate cake with buttercream icing. It started with a sheet cake and then I cut the sheet cake using a template...

Cupcake Cake Cupcake Cake

Directions for making this cupcake cake: 1. Start with a basic cake recipe. You'll need two pans, a regular circular pan and a...

Cup Cake Structure Cup Cake Structure

I made 250 cup cakes and arranged it very nice. Editor's note: Wow 250 cupcakes! I know that took a lot of work and a long time...

Cup N' Saucer Cake Cup N' Saucer Cake

This Cup N' Saucer cake is made up of 12 round chocolate cake and cream icing for the decorations. This is moulded in two separate...

Dana's Jeans Cake Dana's Jeans Cake

To make this jeans cake, I used the Wilton horse shoe pan. I iced with blue buttercream, let dry , then smoothed with a Viva towel...

Days of Summer Cabin Cake Days of Summer Cabin Cake

I made this cabin cake to raise money for children to go to camp. I made four square confetti cakes and filled them with...

Drum Cake Drum Cake

To make this drum set cake, bake a sheet cake. With an icing filled bag and round tip, size #5, draw the drums on the cake top...

Edible Tiffany Tiara and Box Cake Edible Tiffany Tiara and Box Cake

The Tiara was made out of fondant with a hand cut scroll design, the jewels are made of candy and backed with edible silver to...

Edward Cake Edward Cake

This was done using a coloring page and tracing the picture onto the cake. Then filling it with colored buttercream icing. The...

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