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Need birthday cake ideas? Here you will find simple and fun unique birthday cake ideas. Design something extra special for the birthday person! These cakes are so different, they did not fit into any of our other "ordinary" categories!

Keeping personalization in mind, these cakes will make wonderfully unique birthday cakes for adults and children alike. Go ahead, try something new!

Pink Flamingo Cake Pink Flamingo Cake

To make this pink flamingo cake, I made a wooden stand out of dowel rods and board and screws. The cake was 2 9x13 pans; cut and...

Pink Tea Pot Cake Pink Tea Pot Cake

For this tea pot cake, I used a spice cake mix and baked it in a ball pan. Also used a tuna can for a little of the batter. When...

Pizza Cake Pizza Cake

Bake a cake the size that you need. Using star tip #16 or #18, cover the side and about one inch of the top edge with tan icing. For this cake, I used gel food colors...

Polish Bath Cake Polish Bath Cake

This polish bath cake is the cake I made for a birthday friend. We are European, so we don't love too much sweetness of icing or...

Present Cake Present Cake

This present cake is my first cake made with fondant. I used a basic yellow cake mix (2) in a 10 inch by 3 inch cake pan...

Prosecutor Cake Prosecutor Cake

I made this prosecutor cake for my prosecutor friend. I decorated it with fondant...

Race Car Birthday Cake Race Car Birthday Cake

Bake a sheet cake the size that you need. With an icing filled bag, and round tip, size #5, draw the car on the cake top...

Rainbow of Spring Cake Rainbow of Spring Cake

For this rainbow cake, I baked a large 9 x 13 red velvet cake. I iced it with butter cream and found a patter on Wilton to copy...

Record Cake Record Cake

Bake a 10" or 12" round cake. You will use the round tip# 7 and black icing and draw the circle in the center of the record, and then the bigger circle for the record label...

Record Theme Cakes Record Theme Cakes

Bake a round cake the size that you need. Draw a circle on parchment paper the size of the cake. Cut it out. Draw another circle in the center the size you want your record label to be. Cut this out...

Red Drum Cake Red Drum Cake

Bake a sheet cake the size that you need. With icing filled bag and round tip #5 draw the drums on the cake top. Cut the cake away from the drum shape...

Renaissance Wedding Cake Renaissance Wedding Cake

I made a 14, 12 & 8 cake from scratch. The bottom layer was chocolate, middle white, top was chocolate. The couple wanted clotted...

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