Unique Birthday Cake Ideas Page 5

Here you will find quick and easy unique birthday cake ideas! Make something extra special your entire party will love. These cakes are so different, they did not fit into any of our "ordinary" categories!

They will make wonderful birthday cakes for adults and children alike, with personalization as the key ingredient. Be unique and try something new today!

Guitar Cake Guitar Cake

This cake was forty inches long. The body of the guitar was cut from a large sheet cake. The neck of the guitar was from a 9 x 13 cake cut in half lengthwise...

Halo Helmet Cake Halo Helmet Cake

To make this Halo helmet cake, I made two square cakes and two round cakes. I then used my husbands Halo helmet as a guide. I cut...

Hamburger Cake Hamburger Cake

Bake a two layer round cake the size that you need. Put the two layers together with icing between the layers...

Hannah Montana Themed Guitar Cake Hannah Montana Themed Guitar Cake

This Hannah Montana guitar cake is the first cake I have made. My daughter was having a Hannah Montana themed birthday and I...

Hawaiian Shirt Birthday Cake Hawaiian Shirt Birthday Cake

I made this Hawaiian Shirt Birthday Cake for a friend's son was celebrating his 16th birthday Hawaiian style!! Since the party was...

Hearts, Red Roses and Diamonds Hearts, Red Roses and Diamonds

This cake as made with a bottom tier being chocolate cake, the second is carrot cake and the third is vanilla sponge cake. Iced...

Heavy Metal Skull Cake Heavy Metal Skull Cake

For this heavy metal skull birthday cake, I baked one 9 inch round cake and one 7 inch round cake. The black icing was a bit of an...

Ivory Keys Piano Cake Ivory Keys Piano Cake

For this piano cake, I bought two aluminum throw away pans and baked two chocolate cakes with Betty Crocker's help. I filled the...

Jason's 'Getting Booted Out' Cake Jason's 'Getting Booted Out' Cake

I used a heart shaped pan for the base and the sports ball pans. I used 2 cake mixes. Mix and bake according to directions...

Jean's Cake Jean's Cake

I made this jeans cake in a 9 x 13 pan and crumb coated it, then I put the fondant on in two pieces one side at a time. I made the...

Jesus Praying Cake Jesus Praying Cake

I baked a regular 8 cake and iced as usual. Then I outlined Jesus and filled in with a thinner icing using corn syrup. I found...

Karaoke Cake Karaoke Cake

I used one box cake mix, prepared and baked in the shape of a star. I used buttercream icing in 2 shades of blue and a small amount...

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