Unique Birthday Cake Ideas Page 9

Need birthday cake ideas for your next unique birthday cake? Included are quick and easy birthday cake ideas. Make something special for the birthday person! These cakes are so different, they did not even fit into any of our "ordinary" categories!

Keeping personalization in mind, these cakes will surely make wonderfully unique birthday cakes for anyone and everyone. Go ahead, try something new today!

Roller Skate Birthday Cake Roller Skate Birthday Cake

My client requested a roller skate and she liked cheese cake. So I created a 10 inch cheese cake and made the roller skate out of...

Salmas Princess Castle Cake Salmas Princess Castle Cake

To make this princess castle cake, I baked 2 cakes the same size. I put them over each other...

Salon Cake Salon Cake

This salon cake is a large pair of hair cutting scissors. It is two 6 round chocolate cakes, two 10 round lemon cream cakes, and...

Sandy Crab Cake Sandy Crab Cake

Not your average crab cake I started off with a batch off pound cake mixture. I divided my mixture into a rectangle cake pan and...

School Bus Cake School Bus Cake

Bake a 9x13 cake. Cool completely. Cut in 2 pieces, right down the middle, lengthwise. Cut 3 off and end of one piece. From this...

Sgt. Maj. Kennedy's Welcome Home Cake Sgt. Maj. Kennedy's Welcome Home Cake

This welcome home cake was a combined effort. My daughter baked a 1/2 sheet cake. Let cool completely. I iced in 4 different...

Ship Cake Ship Cake

This ship cake is made up of one 6x12 chocolate square cake, with cream icing and fondant for the tree's decorations. I made this...

Slot Machine Cake Slot Machine Cake

Bake a sheet cake the size that you need. Near the bottom of the cake cut a V shape out of the cake...

SPORE Themed Cake SPORE Themed Cake

I baked one nine-inch round cake and two rectangular cakes. I laid them side-by-side and then cut crescents into the outer two...

Suitcase Cake Suitcase Cake

I have always wanted to create a suitcase cake. Finally my opportunity came forth. I was contracted by my job to create a...

Sweetest Thing Cake Sweetest Thing Cake

Embellishments: I first made the cupcake, cookies and ice cream out of rice crispies. I molded them into shape and covered them...

Swiffer Birthday Cake Swiffer Birthday Cake

I love baking 3D and original cakes. When I was asked to do a Swiffer cake for a one year old's birthday, I thought it was a little...

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