Unique Birthday Cake Ideas Page 7

Included are simple and fun, quick and easy unique birthday cake ideas! Design something extra special your entire party will adore. These cakes are so different, they did not fit into any of our "ordinary" categories!

With personalization as the key ingredient, these cakes will make wonderful birthday cakes for adults and children alike. Go ahead, try something new!

Movie Cake Movie Cake

Bake a sheet cake the size that you need. With an icing filled bag and round tip #5 draw the movies design on the cake top. Cut the cake away from the design...

Mum-to-Be Birthday Cake Mum-to-Be Birthday Cake

This birthday cake consisting of 1 9 round sponge cake and some cupcakes around it. A unique theme mum-to be cake which decorated...

Musical Note Cake Musical Note Cake

I made this musical note cake with 2 devils food, 2 6 round and 1 9 square. I used buttercream icing to decorate with. I used a...

Nail Manicure Cake Nail Manicure Cake

Hi, this nail manicure cake is my third attempt at a novelty cake. I started making a fruit cake in a rectangle tin and then iced...

Nikon Camera Cake Nikon Camera Cake

This Nikon camera cake is dominican pound cake with strawberry filling and vanilla black fondant...

O U Baby Butt Cake for Zadon O U Baby Butt Cake for Zadon

I've seen these but this is my 1st attempt. Next time will be better....~~~~crossing fingers~~~~~~~ 8) I used 2 cake mixes and...

Ocean Cake Ocean Cake

This ocean cake is a 9 X 11 yellow cake. For the turquoise color, I mixed a good amount of royal blue color into white buttercream...

Panda and Flower Cake Panda and Flower Cake

To make this panda cake, I made a chocolate cake using a mix and made according to directions. I used the flower shaped pan.2...

Piano Birthday Cake Piano Birthday Cake

Just sharing this piano birthday cake with you. Not so good but I enjoy doing it. My note: Lena, I think your cake is great...

Piano Cake Piano Cake

This piano cake is a surprise for a cousin.... I made 2 - 9x 13 spice cakes. I used Betty Crocker boxed cake mixes and baked...

Picnic Refreshing Cake Picnic Refreshing Cake

This is a single layer 10 round rum cake. This cake was iced with whipped cream icing. I prepared my regular whipped cream icing...

Picture Birthday Cake Decorations Picture Birthday Cake Decorations

Bake a round two layer cake the size that you need. Ice the cake with white buttercream icing using a cake spatula and making sure the surface is nice and smooth...

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